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Welcome to AP Global Partners, your trusted partner in the global fuel trade industry

AP Global Partners recognizes the significance and accountability associated with being at the forefront of global fuel trade. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals diligently endeavors to source and transport top-tier petroleum products to energize global progress. Our unparalleled commitment aims to offer customers the assurance that they will consistently receive premium products, coupled with exceptional customer support and sustainable solutions.

Trade Products

Crude oil and its derivatives play a crucial role in modern economies and daily life, powering transportation, heating homes, and serving as feedstocks for various industries.

Crude Oil


 These fuels are specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of aviation, including high-altitude flight, extreme temperatures, and long distances. Additionally, they are essential for powering jet engines efficiently and safely, making air travel a vital mode of transportation for people and goods across the globe.

Jet Fuels


Diesel products play a crucial role in various sectors of the economy, including transportation, agriculture, construction, and energy production. Their efficiency and versatility make them essential for a wide range of applications, from powering vehicles to providing backup electricity generation.

Diesel Products


Gasoline is a critical energy source for personal and commercial transportation, powering cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and more. It is formulated to meet specific octane and emission standards and is subject to quality control measures to ensure safe and efficient combustion. The choice of gasoline type depends on the requirements of the vehicle and the desired performance characteristics.

Gasoline Products


Renewable fuels play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating climate change, and promoting energy security. They offer a more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, as they can be continually replenished and produce fewer harmful emissions when used for energy production. The development and adoption of renewable fuels are critical steps toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Renewable Fuels


Your Trusted Partner in Compliance and Regulatory Consulting. Navigating the Complexities, Ensuring Compliance, and Promoting Ethical Excellence.

Compliance and Regulatory Consulting


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