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Fueling Success through Global Partnerships


Our Success depends on our ability to consistently satisfy ever changing customer preferences. We are committed to the improved offering of goods and services, while offering high quality products and services at competitive prices.

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Strengthening our Global Partnerships: The Focus of AP Global Partners

Our Focus Areas


"Thanks to our well-established national reputation, unwavering integrity, and commitment to transparency, we have established direct partnerships with petroleum product suppliers and buyers. These partnerships enable us to offer secure and transparent procurement processes for a wide range of petroleum products, ensuring you can access what you need, when and where you need it, anywhere in the world. Additionally, we are a registered fuel trader with the nation's largest fuel providers, demonstrating our commitment to diversity in supplier relationships."

Petroleum Products


Oil Tanks

"AP Global Partners, LLC is a dynamic organization that places a strong emphasis on building and cultivating strategic partnerships and resources on both national and international fronts. At AP Global, we specialize in fostering global business relationships and acquiring valuable resources to support companies in their international expansion efforts. We collaborate with entities from both the public and private sectors to ensure the success of various projects. Our team of experts has a proven track record of problem-solving, having designed financial solutions for numerous successful infrastructure projects worldwide."

Project Funding


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AP Global Partners stands as a premier global business services provider, poised to deliver holistic solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our valued clientele. Our core competencies lie in the realms of professional consulting, adept project management, and strategic business development. With the status of being a registered US government contractor, we exemplify an unwavering dedication to furnishing our patrons with services of the utmost caliber. Irrespective of the scale of your enterprise, our  professionals remains committed to facilitating the realization of your ambitions. 

We invite you to initiate contact with us today and explore the boundless ways in which our expertise can contribute to your business goals.

Industry Classification:

NAICS Codes:

541611, 424720,


Government Contracts


You Plan, You Build,
We Deliver 


"Infrastructure project funding can be intricate, and our team of advisors is well-prepared to tackle the unique challenges involved in crafting suitable financial frameworks to effectively manage risks.

Project finance demands a collaborative effort from cross-disciplinary teams. Our experts include economists, engineers, accountants, and finance specialists who collaborate seamlessly to ensure that a project successfully attains its funding goals."

What We Provide 

Our experienced traders are well-versed with markets, commodities and the economy that drives the prices.
Our traders practice technical and fundamental analysis to make correct decisions to succeed in the commodity market.


Commodities Trading


Our Project funding is a financial service that provides organizations and individuals with the necessary capital to initiate, expand, or complete a specific project. This service offers a structured approach to securing funds for a wide range of endeavors, including business ventures, infrastructure development, research initiatives, and community programs.

Project Funding


Securing government contracts offers the opportunity to secure stable revenue, diversify our client base, enhance our reputation, and access a sizable and reliable market. While the process of securing and fulfilling government contracts can be complex and competitive, the benefits can be substantial.

Government Contracts


The Carbon Trade Exchange is a marketplace where carbon credits are bought and sold. Carbon credits represent a quantified reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and they are typically generated through environmentally friendly activities or projects. Customers or clients, including businesses and individuals, can benefit from a Carbon Trade Exchange in many ways. Ask us about our carbon trade initiative.

Carbon Trade Exchange


Providing Working Capital Support: Trade financing provides businesses with the working capital needed to purchase goods, manufacture products, or fulfill orders before receiving payment from customers. This ensures a steady cash flow and enables companies to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Trade Financing


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